Melukis Pelangi By Oki Setiana Dewi

Melukis Pelangi

By Oki Setiana Dewi

It is probably one of the most inspiring books that I have ever read. Melukis Pelangi tells the true story of Oki Setiana Dewi’s life. This book tells the way of Oki’s life of how she reaches her dream. This book also inspires us to keep spirit to hand our future. There are memorable quote and simple message that can we learn of how wonderful struggle to reach our dream in this book.

Each page is only tell how Oki through the way to conquer her dreams. It is very valuable story. For the first, Oki get any troubles in her life but she never give up to face it. She has started to wear the hijab that become the duty of muslimah. In that moment, she derive the job that become her dreams ‘actress’, but in this chance she have to put off her hijab because of her job. Oki refused that job. She wants to reach and get her dream in ALLAH’s way. Each step that she through to reach her future is very touching. MELUKIS PELANGI invites us to enter Oki’s life in order we can feel the beautiful of bless of God. She believes the pain that God gave is the best thing to make her know more about life. It will mature us to know more about the life.  This book also invites us to through the difficult way that Oki face to reach her dreams. Tell the patient to face the pain that come sudden in Oki’s life. This book also gives guidance how we can transform our dream to become true. In fact, with her Principe, Oki can through the trouble and she can reach her dream become actress without put off her hijab. It means that ALLAH will give the best for the believers if they want to obey The GOD way. Anything happen in this life, it is only ALLAH SWT who can make decision of our life. No one because the only one is ALLAH.

MELUKIS PELANGI is written by Oki with simple words but it is very touching. Oki show her story with complicated sentence but it is still easy to understand. This book show many motivations for anyone who want to reach their dreams. Oki can invite us to imagine thee story with her unique language although some part is flat and it is bored. The both of weakness do not become problem because this book is still meaningful to read. I guess that this book is important to read for teenager because Oki can inspire us to have spirit in anytime and do not give up catching our dreams.

Oki Setiana Dewi, published by mizania, 2011, 347 pages


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